Ancient Land

Jane Walker’s song Ancient Land (featuring Predator from Street Warriors) is a celebration of Australian identity and an edgy soulful anthem calling for reconciliation.

Jane and Goset Music are excited to release a video for the song, shot by the acclaimed music video producer and director Angus Giorgi.

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Walk Gently on the Earth Body Spray
23 OCT 2012

I am excited to collaborate with Vanessa Megan in bringing out the Walk Gently on the Earth Body Spray, with 10% donation to Ocean Recovery Alliance and available from this site’s store. The spray and my ‘Walk Gently’ album are now also available at Natural Progressions store, Bondi Beach Sydney and the spray is stocked in aboutlife stores. See recent coverage in The Sunday Telegraph and The Wentworth Courier below!

I was first introduced to Vanessa Megan’s natural and organic skincare by friend, yoga teacher and yummy mummy Katherine Mahoney as we sat chatting by Icebergs ocean pool at Bondi. She had just started using the face cream and was singing its praises, and soon after I started using the skincare range and instantly fell in love with it… drawn to the purity and beauty of the products which are blissfully free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients!

So I am thrilled that Vanessa Megan has specially formulated this unisex body spray inspired by my song, ‘Walk Gently on the Earth’. This unique blend of essential oils (ylang ylang, lavender, vetiver, bergamot, and patchouli) awakens the senses and connects the spirit with the earth, bringing balance and joy to the mind and body.

The song is a call to care for the environment and ourselves. Produced by Barbara Griffin and co-produced by me, the album recording features Stu Hunter on Wurlitzer with Middle Eastern percussion by Giosofatto ‘Jess’ Ciampa, and Indian Dilruba & Tambora by Dwaipayana who also leads the Sanskrit chanting of verses from the Upanishads. Drums by Hamish Stuart, bass by James Haselwood, with keys and programming by Barbara Griffin, this track is mixed by David Hemming and mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC.

The Sanskrit verses on the song are from Sri Isopanisad. A simple translation is that we are all connected to the divine, and the world has enough for everyone if we take our share or quota and no more. I like the concept that if we are not greedy, we have an abundant universe. Thanks to chanters Dwaipayana, Sarah Sweeting, Ivan Brownrigg, Claire Scobie, Gretel Packer and Melissa Halliday.

A percentage of both the song and spray sales is donated to Ocean Recovery Alliance which focuses on improving the ocean environment and is doing great work – particularly helping find solutions for the plastic pollution in our oceans, rivers and waterways. On their website check out their events, and see founder Doug Woodring’s TEDx talk in Hong Kong where he explains more about what they are doing.

You will find the Walk Gently on the Earth Body Spray on this site’s Store page, and also from Vanessa Megan and at Natural Progressions, Bondi Beach and aboutlife stores, Sydney.

Let me know what you think!

Jane x

Jane Walker and Vanessa Gray (founder, Vanessa

Megan) in Sunday Telegraph

Jane Walker in The Wentworth Courier


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